Manborg. Seriously.

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Astron-6 have released the first posters and a teaser for Steven Kostanski’s Manborg (“WTF just happened” trailer below), which parodies the B-movies of the late 80s and early 90s, as all their films seem to do.  These are the same guys from Winnipeg who made Lazer Ghosts 2 (full movie at link), a short film about scientists and a cop (who doesn’t play by all the rules) battling the evil ghost of Albert Einstein with lasers.  Really. Could they possibly top that premise?  Maybe:

The film is about a soldier who gets killed fighting in a war against hell only to come back as a cyborg in the future. He then teams up with a crew of colorful characters to fight Dracula. There’s going to be stop-motion monsters, arena battles and hoverbikes! And kung-fu and demon-nazi-vampires. [QuietEarth]

You had me at “war against hell” then again at “cyborg”, “Dracula”, and then I blacked out for a second at “arena battles and hoverbikes” and when I came to I read “kung-fu and demon-nazi vampires”, passed out again, and saw all my dead relatives, who told me I spank it too much.  Well then stop looking, grandpa!  Geez.  Some people.

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