Meet Our New Dad, “Jetman”

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11.09.10 3 Comments

51-year-old retired Swiss military pilot Yves Rossy is cooler than all of us.  FACT.  For the past decade, he’s been refining  his own version of a jet pack — like ya do — and now he’s successfully performed his first aerobatic stunts with it (videos after the jump).  He did two loops after having jumped from a height of 7,874 feet with a 4 meter wide wing and four rockets strapped to his back.  Yes, this guy is like the real life Wile E. Coyote, except successful.

Yves has been developing his wing for more than ten years now, in which he tried to cross the waterways between France and the UK and between Spain and Morocco. The first was a success, the latter not so much. […] Oh, and if you still think this guy doesn’t really fly but is just prolonging his fall then you might want to see this video of him doing loopings. [TNW]

His next plan is to visit the Grand Canyon and fly into it. Like a boss.

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