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02.22.10 2 Comments

MIT’s Senseable City Lab, in collaboration with ARES Lab, have release a video of their new swarm helicopter project, Flyfire, which sounds almost as cool as my swarm helicopter project.  Flyfire displays a flat or 3D image using a swarm of programmable, self-stabilizing mini-helicopters with color-changing LED lights.  They can transform through several pictures before needing to be recharged.

There’s only a few of these made so far, so the video below is mostly simulated. SingularityHub is saying this makes fireworks a thing of the past.  Really?  Can I buy a gross of these out of a pickup from a guy wearing a denim vest and missing a hand?  Yeah, didn’t think so.  Our special friendship will never be torn asunder, Hookhand Daryll.  Unless you get arrested.  Then I’ve never heard of you.

[Sources: GizMag and SingularityHub]

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