Robot Drummer is the Second-Best Jazz Drummer

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07.12.10 4 Comments

Freebird! Or I’ll release the woodpeckers!

Musician/artist Steve Averill built a robotic jazz drummer out of birch plywood and model airplane servos.  It’s named the Spruce Deuce after Howard Hughes’s absurdly huge Spruce Goose flying boat (which was also mostly birch, not spruce). The robot has eleven RC servos (HiTec brand) controlled by an MD24 MIDI to servo controller (Highly Liquid brand).  Although he doesn’t have the arm flexibility and panache of the epic drummer, he’s still pretty good (for a filthy robot).

See Spruce Deuce play in the video below before Neil Peart hunts him down and destroys him to absorb his power.  I hear every time Peart absorbs another drummer’s power, he adds one more piece to his drum set.

He’s pretty good, but this is still the greatest jazz drummer:

[Video via Synthtopia via Technabob. Thanks to Burnsy for the jazzy cat .gif]

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