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Kirby Roy set a world record nobody else would want for receiving the hardest kick in the groin.  American Gladiator and MMA fighter Justice Smith delivered the record kick, a 22 mph blow with 1,100 pounds of force.  The video below explains why he didn’t keel over dead from this.  He’s been kicked in the groin repeatedly for the past five years (WHY?), so now his testicles only process about 10% of the Substance P neuropeptide that signals pain, and his pelvis can withstand more force without breaking (Wolff’s Law).  I bet he picks up lots of girls with the line, “my pelvis can withstand more force without breaking.”

I don’t know how the host of the show didn’t get a flying elbow in the face when he asked Roy, “How did that feel?”  Oh, it felt like a pile of kittens mewing playfully in the distance.  How do you think it felt?

[Picture via funnybaseballcards, video via UniqueDaily]

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