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01.12.10 6 Comments

Yesterday, Nikke Finke reported that Sony is rebooting the Spider-Man franchise.  Now Sony has confirmed a Summer 2012 reboot returning to a high school aged Peter Parker.

Most notably, this means that Spidey star Tobey Maguire and [Sam] Raimi, who have anchored all previous three movies, are out. But what can we say? Rebooting and regressing Spider-Man to a simpler, more archetypal state is an incredibly comic book thing to do — especially since Marvel’s already done it in “Ultimate Spider-Man” and “Marvel Adventures Spider-Man,” not to mention “One More Day” — and in that sense it feels quite faithful. [ComicsAlliance]

So I guess this frees up Raimi to make his World of Warcraft movie, but this still makes me a sad panda.  Spider-Man without Sam Raimi is like a day without Hogan’s Heroes slash fic.  And if Sony decides to cast a Jonas brother or Justin Bieber or some other Disney kid as Parker, then I have a message for them:

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