The Epic Scam Behind “Cowboys and Aliens”

11.22.10 7 years ago

In something that may shock and surprise you, the original comic book that they decided to base a huge Hollywood movie on, and was insanely obscure before, costs a lot of money on eBay now.

But it wasn’t always that way. According to comics columnist Rich Johnston, the owner of the copyright (Scott Rosenberg) had nothing but a concept for years, and only published a comic well after he’d been trying to sell it as a movie. He sold it as a “graphic novel” costing four bucks which he actually paid comic stores to buy in an attempt to grab the number one slot in graphic novel sales on the Diamond charts. In other words, comic shops were literally giving these things away for free, or just putting them out on the corner with the other garbage (seriously, have you read this thing? It’s terrible.) It actually entered at number 12, but that was ultimately high enough to revive interest and actually get the movie made.

Something that might be worth remembering, for everybody grousing about yet another comic book movie.

[ via the intrepid (and violent) reporters at BleedingCool ]

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