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ABOVE: a montage of 3 pictures out of almost 100 in an epic Amazon review. Check out these customer-submitted images for the “Laptop Steering Wheel Desk”. Oh the huge manatee. [Amazon]

  • Hulu plus MST3K is like six-year-olds and nuclear weapons: a combination that just can’t be beat. [WarmingGlow]
  • Avatar will be almost 3 hours long. Last time I went on a 3-hour tour with cat people, I ended up having to eat them on an island. Don’t judge me. It took 5 whole hours for the Coast Guard to respond to our distress signal. I got peckish. [Filmdrunk]
  • “What just happened” video of the day [Unrealitymag]
  • This toaster/printer better not jam. Wakka wakka wakka. [Gizmodo]
  • Here’s how to fire someone in Gotham City. Show them a magic trick? [CollegeHumor]
  • VIDEO BELOW: A ninja cat who was robbed of its position as number one in this list of the 10 greatest ninja cat videos [EpicCarnival]

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