This Trailer Is A Halo Reacharound

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07.30.10 3 Comments

The new cinematic trailer for Halo: Reach is out, showing a little of the story taking place in 2552, making it a prequel to Halo: Combat Evolved (2001).  As far as I can tell, this game doesn’t have Master Chief in it, perhaps because he was too busy kicking out the jams.

Halo: Reach releases on Xbox 360 September 14th everywhere but Japan.  They’ll have to wait an extra day before REACHING *bike horn* for this.  Speaking of “Reaching”, this segue was totally forced, and I don’t think they can call this “the most anticipated game of the year” when there’s stuff like Starcraft II and Grand Theft Abstinence out this year.  OH NO HE DIDN’T. *sunglasses* Deal with it.

[Via Geekosystem, who also have the twelve minute Comic-Con Halo: Reach panel video if you want to watch people clap for ten minutes and talk for two.]

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