Thrilling Links and a Skateboarding Beagle

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$100,000 Quilting Challenge? I’M SO EXCITED.

5 Reasons It’s Still Good To Be A Serial Killer [Uproxx]

Do Hot Girls Get Better Treatment? [

Robert Downey Jr. is a True American [Filmdrunk]

Gary Busey knows how to sell a pizza [WarmingGlow]

Tiger Woods has been framed [WithLeather]

Cee-Lo Green – “Old Fashioned” [TheSmokingSection]

10 People Sporting Social Media Tattoos [Buzzfeed]

Longcat is long [Urlesque]

The Five Best Hockey Player vs. Fan Fights on YouTube [BroBible]

A Gallery of Marvel Superheroes Decked Out in Tron Gear [Unreality]

Sneakers That Add to a Player’s Vertical Leap Banned By the NBA [TheHoopDoctors]

The Only Reason Not to Watch Sarah Palin’s New TLC Docu-Series Is If You Hate Freedom [Pajiba]

A Tribute to the Rube Goldberg Machine [Gunaxin]

VIDEO BELOW: Beagle on a skateboard, as advertised. [via HYST]

[Pictures via Arbroath and Forkparty]

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