What's That Terrifying Quadrocopter Doing Now?

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09.16.10 2 Comments

We’ve been following Daniel Mellinger and Vijay Kumar’s work at UPenn’s GRASP Lab for awhile, mostly so we can be cursed to know the exact nature of our death, like a cyclops.  They’ve taught their “quadrotor helicopter” (fancy term for a manhack) some new assassination methods.  It’s ability to perform “precise aggressive maneuvers” wasn’t enough, and neither was giving them claws so they can work together to lift larger objects.  Now they can also recover from being violently thrown, determine the best path around several obstacles at once, and pass through a moving hoop without hitting the sides.  I want to smash one with a crowbar so much.

It’s right behind me, isn’t it?

[You owe me new pants, Gizmodo.]

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