Listen To Eminem’s ‘Campaign Speech’ While You Wait For His New Album To Drop

Life Writer
10.19.16 2 Comments

Nevermind those rap debates on if the world needs another Eminem album, because Marshall Mathers is back with the #barz. The elusive rapper just dropped his newest single, “Campaign Speech,” and it’s all the battle raps and syllable-rhyming you can cram into a nearly eight-minute song. Who doesn’t love those hyper-lyrical rappity raps, right? RIGHT?!

Jumped out of the second floor of a record store
With a Treacherous Four cassette and a cassette recorder
In Ecuador with Edward Norton
Witness the metamorphosis of a legend growin’ like an expert swordsman
From the Hessian war and hence the origin of the headless horseman
Born with the endorphins of a pathetic orphan
Endless sores and reservoir of extension cords in dresser drawers
And deadbolts on the bedroom doors
And sexual torture kits kept in a separate storage bin
Excellent boyfriend

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