Some Guy In A Go-Kart Took Police On A High Speed Chase In Oakland

Contributing Writer

It’s not every day you see Mario Kart mixed with Grand Theft Auto but apparently in Oakland, Calif. this does occur from time to time. Thankfully for the internet a Twitter user by the name of Tonka_Boy_Dre was lucky enough to capture one such occurrence on camera and share it with the world for everybody’s viewing pleasure.

As Dre explains it, the go-kart rider was just one of a much larger pack of go-karts and dirt bikes and ended up being chased by an unmarked police SUV on Interstate 880 in Oakland, just a few miles away from the Golden State Warriors home arena The Oracle Arena. Dre just so happened to be in the right place at the right time and got video of the scene along with a few other people. Being the good samaritan he is, Dre also posted another video from one of the drivers ahead of the go-kart on the freeway who got to witness the surreal scene firsthand.

What’s clear in the two videos is that the motorist was doing it all wrong. He should have been power sliding, shooting red shells, dropping banana peels and every other projectile he could obtain. If all that failed he could have just whipped out his phone and knocked out the necessary codes to get rid of those stars and go on about his day without all of that police attention.

Check out another (more NSFW because of language) video of the chase below.

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