Killer Mike Turned Those Leaked Clinton Campaign Emails Into Merch

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Killer Mike understands modern capitalism means taking a moment and making the most of it, especially for profit.

Earlier this month, the rapper’s name popped up in the large leak of emails from Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails, thanks to Wikileaks. The records show that on February 21 of this year, Podesta received an email that simply stated “I guess Killer Mike didn’t get the message.” While the reference isn’t clarified, it probably points towards Mike’s ardent support of Clinton’s rival at the time, Bernie Sanders, and possibly because of his “uterus” comment from around the same time.

Being the business savvy brother that he is, Killer decided to seize upon the the message he never received and turn it into one of his own. On Thursday, he partnered with Daily Curfew to launch a set of t-shirts and hoodies called “I Don’t Check Messages” bearing the the leaked email text. He also shared an Instagram post with a series of hashtags with his sentiments on the matter: “#iDontCheckMessages Tee #UnBoughtUnBossed #ForThePeopleF*ckEvil #americadeservesbetter #TheUniverseHasABetterMessageCalledLove #MakeADollar off their bullshit sabotage attempt #CapiltalismWorks.”

Cruise over to Daily Curfew’s site to support the message, slight pun intended. While you’re there, also peep the new set of “RTJDJ” tees and hoodies from Run The Jewels DJ and our close friend Trackstar, too.

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