Kyle And Lil Yachty Took Their Life-Affirming Hit ‘iSpy’ To ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

06.22.17 7 months ago

Jimmy Kimmel Live! has been snagging some pretty youth friendly performers lately. The ABC late-night show recently had on Playboy Carti to perform his smash hit “Magnolia” on Tuesday, and last night, he invited another XXL Freshman to perform his signature hit. Kyle, he of the life-affirming single “I Spy,” along with Lil Yachty, were the evening’s musical entertainment. The two took to the outdoor stage at Kimmel and had a little fun with it.

Unlike the animated creativity of both their “I Spy” videos, Kyle and Yachty kept things to a minimum with the Ventura, California artist engaging fans and Lil Boat happily tagging along. Its not until the very end of the clip where Super Duper Kyle turns into Surf Board Kyle and rides on top of fans while performing the last bit of the record.

2017 has been very fortuitous to Kyle. Along with the XXL nod, he’s already got another potential hit on his hands with “Nothing 2 Lose,” that has him entertaining aspirations to become the Kid Cudi or John Lennon for this generation.

“All I can do with my music is try and be a light for people who are in a dark time,” he told Rolling Stone. “Like, ‘Sh*t isn’t that bad. You’re not ugly at all. Look at me I just try to pick people up.”

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