All The Mac Dre Lyrics For When You’re In The Buildin’ And You’re Feeling Yourself

11.08.16 1 year ago 2 Comments

Each November marks another year since Bay Area legend Mac Dre was slain in Kansas City back in 2004. The murder remains unsolved, and now 12 years later Dre’s legacy still lives on through his insanely deep discography and his impact on culture in the Bay and beyond. Major artists like Drake pay homage constantly, he’s been immortalized as a Jeopardy answer, his music was a crucial detail in the Oscar Grant film Fruitvale Station and his fans are keeping him alive with the Thizzle Dance Challenge.

Part of the reason why fans have grown so attached to Dre was because his music, especially late in his career, was feel-good, party music. It was designed to come blaring through huge speakers while you were having a damn good time somewhere surrounded by friends. Since so many people consume his music this way, for most fans, it’s attached to great memories and carefree moments in time. Dre was all about having a good time and feeling himself, being confident, cocky and just enjoying life. So here’s some of the Mac Dre lyrics that’ll get you going, feeling yourself like he always did.

“Be About Your Doe”

“I’m dipped in butter, everybody jocks my style
Cal hat pulled down to my eyebrows
Polo geared down, I’m in her ear now
Stealing it, she’s feeling it, it’s all clear now”

“Dipped When They See Me”

“I smoke backwood blunts cuz they the most expensive
Me no work don’t touch no nuts and wrenches
You always see me shopping like it’s Christmas
I’m always tree shopping like it’s Christmas”

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