Alternative Hip-Hop Producer, The Gaslamp Killer, Denies Allegations Of Raping And Drugging Two Women

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10.13.17 4 Comments


The Gaslamp Killer, born William Benjamin Bensussen, is an alternative hip-hop producer and DJ affiliated with the label Brainfeeder. Last night he was hit with accusations, shared on Twitter, that accuse him of drugging and raping two women back in 2013. Twitter user @chelseaelaynne says she stepped forward to tell her story yesterday in order to “help myself heal and to prevent it from happening to other women in the future.” In the wake of a massive number of allegations against Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein that range from harassment, to assault, to rape, many women have been compelled to come forward with similar stories.

She recalls the incident which allegedly took place on June 5, 2013 at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles. “My friend RaeAn and I were at the Standard and Gaslamp Killer started chatting with us,” she began. “We went to the bathroom together, came back, and GLK handed us two drinks. That is the last clear memory that I have.” Adding, “After that, everything is pitch black except for a few sharp, but at the same time, blurry memories.”

She recalls, “His disgusting body on top of me and being so scared I couldn’t speak. I felt like I was in a nightmare and couldn’t scream, or call for help, or move. I have no idea the details of what he did to us. Last I remember was being dropped off in front of the Standard. Literally just dropped us in front and drove off.”

Shortly after sharing her story, Chelsea also posted a screen grab of the Gaslamp Killer apparently reaching out to someone they both know to try and back him up in the face of these accusations.

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