Movie Power Rankings: ‘Breaking Dawn’ teaser kicks ‘Twilight’ to no. 1

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“Twilight” fans have had to wait almost a year for their Bella, Edward and Jacob fix.  “Eclipse” has come and gone and the final installment, “Breaking Dawn,” won’t hit theaters until November.  On Sunday night, however, the MTV Tween Awards, er, MTV Movie Awards brought millions of fans their first taste of the final chapter, er, second to last chapter in Stephenie Meyer’s saga by debuting the teaser trailer for “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Pt. 1.”*

*Actually, the trailer leaked all over the web on Sunday afternoon breaking MTV’s exclusive because of a little mix up.  Whoopsie.

The reaction from fans has been uniformly positive and Summit is likely breathing easy as the novel that was once termed “un-adaptable” may turn out to be one of the better movies in the franchise.  Who knew?

As for the rest of this week’s power rankings…

June 9, 2011

1. “The Twilight Saga” (last week no. 2)
The fans are happy.  Wait until they see a full trailer.

2. “Django Unchained” (last week no. 9)

Leonardo DiCaprio + Quentin Tarantino?  Harvey Weinstein is already counting the box office receipts.

3. “Green Lantern” (last week no. 4)

It’s gonna open big.  Does Warner Bros. and DC Comics have their first non-Superman/Batman franchise on its hands?

4. “X-Men: First Class” (last week no. 3)
Michael Fassbender is on his way to becoming a real star, Nicholas Hoult has real acting talent and Jennifer Lawrence can play the studio game on her own terms.  The question on everyone’s minds: can a sequel work without Wolverine thrown into the mix?

5. “Star Trek 2”
Is the highly anticipated sequel going to make its summer release date?  We’re still not sure, but director J.J. Abrams says he’s going to get the time he needs to get it right and that’s only a good thing.

6. Entertainment Layoffs

From rumors of cuts at Paramount Home Video to actual cuts at Disney and 20th Century Fox, anyone who works in the home entertainment field is on edge as the business collapses.

7. “Harry Potter”

When a new clip like this appears, “Deathly Hallows, Pt. 2” becomes the must see movie of the summer. Truth hurts.

8. “G.I. Joe 2”
After “Fast Five” Dwayne Johnson is now the sequel king.  But at this point, his inclusion should make this “G.I. Joe” much better than the first.

9. “Tron Legacy”
A sequel finally in the works?  It’s about time.

10. “Super 8”
(last week no. 15)
Paramount puts on the full court press.  The industry is buzzing.  

11. “Bridesmaids”
Is the sleeper hit of the summer, the sleeper hit of the year?  $110 million and counting.  Wowzers.

12. “Noah”
Is Darren Aronofsky going biblical?  Reports say the Oscar nominee is pitching a modern retelling of “Noah’s Ark” and we’re assuming it’s not tied to the Mayan calendar.

13. DC Comics
The entire company is starting from scratch as over 50 titles reboot at no. 1.  Fans are not happy and neither it appears is Hitler.

14. “Lone Ranger”

We have a Ranger (Armie Hammer), Tonto (Johnny Depp), director (Gore Verbinski) and, now, a release date: Dec. 21, 2012.

15. “Daredevil”

This is not the direction anyone thought Fox would go with the reboot, but we gotta say, we’re impressed.

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June 3, 2011

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