Movie Power Rankings: ‘Hangover III’ tease tops ‘Breaking Dawn’ revelations

Don’t be shocked, but Warner Bros. already has a screenwriter working on a script for “The Hangover, Pt. III.”  Sure, the stars in no rush to film another adventure (nor do they have signed deals to do so), but when “Hangover, Pt. II” grosses over $209 million worldwide in just six days breaking records left and right the wheels quickly begin to turn.  It doesn’t hurt that the “Hangover” sequel could hold on to the top slot in the U.S. this weekend even with competition coming from the critically acclaimed “X-Men: First Class.”  As for HitFix’s Movie Power Rankings, however, money talks and “Hangover Deux’s” smash run is more than enough to keep the hard charging “Twilight Saga” from ascending to the number one ranking once more.  

“Twilight” Nation is at a fever pitch because of the Sunday night debut of the first teaser trailer for “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” on MTV.  The MTV “Twilight” Awards, er, we mean the MTV Movie Awards, will also feature RPattz, KStew and Taylor-San converging in public for the first time since last year’s “Eclipse” publicity tour.  But until we see the goods, “The Twilight Saga” will have to be happy with second place.  For now.

As for the rest of this week’s rankings…

June 2, 2011

1. “Hangover, Pt. II” (last week no. 2)
Considering how the Russian box office is booming, we’re 99% sure the third party will find The Wolfpack tripping out in Moscow.  What about you?

2. “The Twilight Saga” (last week no. 9)

Sorry ladies, its too late to copy Bella’s wedding dress for the prom.  Halloween on the other hand…

3. “X-Men: First Class” (same)
Amazing reviews and only $45-50 million expected opening?  We’re sorry big Fox, but you guys royally screwed the marketing up on this one and everyone in town knows it.

4. “Green Lantern” (same)
Just two weeks until the Emerald Crusader hits theaters.  Will it meet expectations for fans and at the box office?

5. “The Dark Knight Rises”
Three viral videos tied to Chris Nolan’s sequel give hints about a break out at Arkham Asylum from Gotham City News.  Oh, and is that our favorite anchor played by Anthony Michael Hall?  

6. “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”
The feel bad movie of Christmas indeed.

7. “The Hobbit”
Orlando Bloom works again!  Plus, two titles that sound like a fan wrote them.

8. “The Amazing Spider-Man”
The whole cast will be showing their wares at Comic-Con next month.  We’re trying to get excited.

9. “Django Unchained”
Casting rumors for Quentin Tarantino’s next run wild.

10. “The Hunger Games”
Lionsgate is counting on four films based on three books to create the next “Twilight”-esque franchise.  Does that mean we’re going to have casting announcements every week for the next three years? Yeesh.

11. VOD War

Summit Entertainment decides to release “Source Code” two weeks before its being released on DVD/Blu-ray and directors including Jon Favreau and Chris Nolan come out against Direct TV’s “premium” VOD plan.  As the DVD market continues to shrink, it’s getting testy out there.

12. “Kung Fu Panda 2”
Families flocked, but not to the 3D screenings of “Panda 2” which hurt the bottom line of Real 3D and DreamWorks Animation. Ouch.

13. “American Reunion”
Shannon Elizabeth has returned to the “Pie” fold.  All is right in the world.

14. “Pirates of the Caribbean” (last week no. 8)
Haters wanna hate, but Disney will take a global cume of $641.7 million…and counting.

15. “Super 8” (last week no. 14)
The early reviews aren’t exactly over the moon and neither is pre-release polling.  Can JJ and Paramount pull off a miracle opening next Friday? 

Last week’s rankings:
May 27, 2011

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