Watch This Autistic 8-Year-Old Perform The ‘Thriller’ Dance Almost As Well As The King Of Pop Himself

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The ‘Thriller’ dance is a staple at Halloween parties, weddings, and other important social affairs, so it’s no surprise that the internet is glutted with videos of people from every walk of life performing it in the hopes of making delightful memories (and possibly going viral). But you’re gonna want to forget about every other video of the dance you’ve ever seen, because an eight-year-old named William Ryan just sent hacked and slashed them all back underground.

According to Mashable, William, who did the dance in order to win a “luxury hamper” full of prizes from a vacation rental agency (Oh U.K., you just keep being quaint!), didn’t just impress the judges, he also impressed his own family, who say that the only thing that’s inspired the eight-year-old since he was diagnosed with autism when he was five are the music and moves of Michael Jackson.

From a Facebook comment by William’s mother (via Mashable):

“Three years ago, when William was five he was diagnosed with autism.

“He struggled to communicate, struggled academically in school and continues to struggle to socialise and make friends, but about 18 months ago his dad introduced him (via YouTube) to the wonders of Michael Jackson and he watched his videos for hours on end and learnt all his routines off by heart.”

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