Spend Your Halloween In Dracula’s Castle With A Descendant Of Bram Stoker

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Feeling brave this Halloween? Then why not skip the terror rooms, the theme park zombies, and the haunted hayrides and try something a little more exciting — namely, a night in Count Dracula’s castle. What’s there to be scared of, a little blood draining? You can handle that! (Unless you have a dust allergy, since no one has slept there since 1948.)

The AP reports that the Halloween nightmare (read: very special experience you will be telling everyone about if you survive) is a promotion being run by AirBnb and will include both airfare to Romania as well as luxurious coffins for beds:

The site’s actual name is Bran Castle, and two people will get to sleep there Oct. 31 thanks to a promotion by Airbnb. The guests will be wined and dined, then left alone to lie down in red velvet-trimmed coffins just as Dracula did in the Bram Stoker horror novel that popularized the legend.

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