These Catastrophic Job Application Stories Will Make You Nervous About Your Next Interview

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03.05.16 2 Comments
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The job interview, like the first date, is one of the most uncomfortable things you’ll ever have to do in your life. You’ll spend half the time telling the interviewer what they want to hear, a quarter of it answering questions that won’t give any insight into the kind of employee that you’ll be, and at least a few terrified moments where you’ll smile awkwardly and wonder whether this is really a place you want to work. All of this is normal.

Sometimes, though, interviews turn the dial waaaay past the”awkward interview” setting. Sometimes, you’ll leave the building glad to know you didn’t get the job. Happy to never, ever return. What you’re about to read is a compendium of those types of experiences, gathered from all corners of Reddit, to remind you that no matter how bad your job interview was, it could have been much, much worse.

Let’s start with this story, in which someone learns that it’s stupid for people to ask you to tell a joke at an interview, but that not having one at the ready can be dangerous:

The manager conducting the interview demanded I tell a joke. Unfortunately, I froze and could only recall a handful of jokes I’d read on one of the notorious reddit joke threads the previous night. The cleanest one I could think of was about gay dinosaurs. I laughed, he didn’t. So, being a genius and all, the best recovery I could come up with was to tell him another f*cking gay dinosaur joke. He stopped me halfway through and literally told me his boyfriend wouldn’t find these funny and neither does he.

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