Watching Sriracha Get Made Is As Peaceful As Your Day Is Going To Get

By: 09.23.16

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When you’re making something from scratch, it is obviously easier to be mindful of what is actually going into your food. You control the ingredients and the process, and it’s all laid out right before your very eyes. However, processed food is a little more difficult to suss out, so Refinery29 went behind the scenes to give viewers of their YouTube channel an inside look into how sriracha, the king of hot sauce, is made.

The video takes us to the assembly lines and giant vats of spicy goodness of Huy Fong Foods, whose founder, David Tran, developed the magic recipe back in 1980 that has since taken over your eggs, your ramen, and your tacos. No matter how you feel about the food industry, it’s hard to deny that the video does have a certain uniform appeal. As the peppers make their way through the system takes them from chilies to sauce, the methodical process has a soothing effect. That much order in one video is truly satisfying. Plus, it’s always best to learn a little bit about where your food comes from.

So the next time you’re squeezing that rooster sauce all over your stir fry, you’ll have visions of bottles moving down the assembly line and into your kitchen. Just remember not to zone out mid recipe.

(Via Refinery29)

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