Watch A Great White Shark Shoot Straight Out Of The Water Just Inches From A Crew Of Surfers


So, sharks are fun. Everyone loves Shark Week, after all. And who doesn’t want to be Left Shark? What’s not fun: when sharks decide to pop out of the water and surprise people. What’s especially not fun: when those people are on surfboards, just feet away from said surprise shark.

Yes, that actually happened, just two days ago, in San Francisco, California. Surfer Nick Masturzo talked to Surfline about the incident, which took place at Ocean Beach shortly before 9 a.m. on a “dolphins and mermaids kind of day.” Masturzo was paddling over a wave when he saw the shark — described by Shark Research Committee Ralph Collier as a “seven-eight-foot juvenile Great White.”

“I saw it straight on,” Masturzo said. “And when I saw that white belly go up and the super defined white of pectoral fins, I knew what it was. I told everyone around me and went in. It was funny, some people were saying, ‘That’s not cool,’ but I would never say, ‘Shark’ on a small day to try to clear the water. If it was six-to-eight-foot, maybe.”

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