Woman Gets Swift Comeuppance After Complaining That A Bar Patron’s Heart Attack Ruined Her New Year’s Eve

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01.04.16 12 Comments

We’re only a few days into 2016; however, a hairstylist from Indianapolis is already an early contender for “worst people of the year” lists. On New Year’s Eve, Holly Jones was having dinner and celebrating with a group of friends at Indianapolis’ Kilroy’s Bar & Grill when an older woman dining at the bar with her husband and son suddenly became stricken with a medical emergency. When paramedics soon arrived, it was determined that the woman was going into cardiac arrest. As most people can imagine, a customer having a heart attack during a busy New Year’s Eve shift would send most restaurants into pandemonium, which was the case here.

However, that wasn’t good enough for Holly Jones, who was more concerned about getting her party’s bill sorted out than, you know, human life — and proceeded to make her already frantic server’s night a living hell.

Jones later followed up with a scathing Facebook review of the business (which has since been removed as Jones has deleted her Facebook account):


Facebook / The Daily Mail

Chris Burton, the manager of Kilroy’s Bar & Grill, was apparently already well aware of the situation — both of the woman who fell ill, and Jones, who exacerbated the situation by acting like a monster about the whole thing. In response, Burton left the following response to Jones’ review:

facebook copy

Facebook/ The Daily Mail

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