Is ‘Batman V Superman’ Prepared To Do Something Crazy With Batman And Robin’s Relationship?

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07.12.15 98 Comments

Warner Bros.

With the release of the Batman V Superman trailer at Comic-Con on Saturday, the speculation bug has bitten many people across the Internet. Who were those troops? Why was Batman in some army get up? What’s up with Jesse Eisenberg’s “hair,” is that Robin’s costume on display in the Bat Cave? All of these questions and more have filled the numerous pieces analyzing the trailer, but I thought I’d go a little bit more crackpot with my theory.

Generally I’m on the side of “wait and see” when it comes to theories, but I do enjoy reading them and trying to make sense of them as I go along. It’s sorta like ghosts or aliens. I don’t buy it, but it’s still fun to know it’s out there. For my theory, I feel there are numerous plausible answers relating to things we know and things we will probably find out that could spoil my line of thinking. But that doesn’t matter, we’re just having fun to close out Comic-Con. So with that, I pose to you this idea:

What if the Joker didn’t kill Robin, but he actually is the former Robin turned into the Joker?

Now I’m not just fully pulling this out of my ass and lobbing it at the screen. I have my reasons for thinking it and most of them stem from the trailer and what we’ve seen happen in the DC Universe films to this point. It is more likely that the relationship between villain and hero is staying the same as it is in the comics, but I got curious about how creative they might try to get with this semi-clean canvas they’re working with.

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