The Best New Hip-Hop This Week

The best new hip-hop this week includes albums, videos, and songs from Future, Metro Boomin, Larry June, and more.

After setting the rap world on fire with their first collaborative album, We Don’t Trust You, Future and Metro doubled down with its fittingly titled sequel We Still Don’t Trust You, inviting a second set of artists on to cook Drake. Whatever Aubrey did to upset the duo, he may want to consider apologizing like J. Cole (who also appears on the album in a verse undoubtedly recorded months before of this went down), because that Rolodex (do they still make those?) is loooong.

Perhaps because of all the ongoing chaos, it’s kind of a light week for new releases. (It’s also Coachella weekend one, which might have something to do with it.) So, we’ll just jump straight in this time.

Here is the best of hip-hop this week ending TK, 2024.


Future & Metro Boomin — We Still Don’t Trust You

future x metro boomin we still don't trust you cover
Future / Metro Boomin

The big release of the week also feels like its only one. Perhaps after Kendrick Lamar detonated a landmine the last time Future and Metro dropped an album, everyone wisely leaned off the day so they wouldn’t be overshadowed (sorry, Big Sean). Even though this album is a bit more vibey in comparison, it was a good idea; the new album also features plenty of Drake shots and is sparking just as much discussion. While I wrote that Future and Metro deserved better than letting beef overshadow their collaboration, it seems like they’re sticking to the strategy and hoping that fans will check out the rest when the beef buzz dies down.


Dreezy — “B*tch Duh (Remix)” Feat. BIA, KenTheMan & Lakeyah

Longtime followers are probably aware that for this writer, Dreezy is pound-for-pound the best female rapper of the past decade. Teaming up with a bunch of other rappers I respect and just going for broke is a great way to help me evangelize this particular point.

Ken Carson — “Overseas”

Even with all the expected mayhem, it looks like some artists were still willing to put themselves on the line. The Opium affiliate fits the bill, probably in part at least because the overlap between fans who really care about rap beef and those who live the Vamp life is very small.

Kwazii — “Leaving”

Brampton rapper Kwazii actually dropped this last week but we’re circling back around to highlight this single from his upcoming mixtape I Was Perfect To Someone. His style falls somewhere along the spectrum of melodic “pain” rappers like Fredo Bang, Rod Wave, and Morray, but with that unique, Canadian bent on the production (y’know, airy beats, filtered echoes, and a hint of that brisk Northern breeze).

Larry June — “Imported Couches”

The Bay native has no time for beef — he’s too busy getting money. Personally, I prefer chiller hip-hop like this so I’m glad he was undaunted by the fierce competitive energy pervading the business these days.

Your Old Droog — “DBZ” Feat. Method Man & Denzel Curry

I’m not gonna lie. This cover artwork confues me SO MUCH. The song’s named after Dragon Ball Z (giving me a fantastic excuse to link to my post about the “most hip-hop anime” of all time) but the cover suggests Street Fighter? Presumably, Denzel — a huge fan of both, who I desparately wish I’d had the chance to talk to for my Toriyama feature — didn’t get final say. Fortunately, the song itself kicks as much ass as the characters from either franchise.

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