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Let’s Watch A Drunk Heavy Metal Singer Sing To His Cat, Bill Murray

By / 10.08.12

Mainstream musicians spend millions on marketing their bands via TV commercials and print ads, but all you need to convince other people to listen to you is to get drunk, find the nearest cat, and start singing to said cat while a camera’s recording you. Especially if you’re a heavy metal singer. That’s what Shaun Callaghan, lead singer of Give Zombies the Vote (no, that’s a terrible idea!), did, with some help from his bandmates.

Shaun got drunk and made a video with his cat Bill Murray. He doesn’t know we’re posting this. If you found it, good for you. Now spread it until he notices. (Via)

Expect the real Bill Murray to one-up this cat and begin an all-feline grindcore band any day now.

(Via Buzzfeed)

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