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Justin Bieber’s Leopard Print Audi Redefines The Meaning Of ‘Douche’

By 06.11.13

bieber audi print

It’s time we rework the Justin Bieber Douche Power Rankings.

#5. Running around SNL with an entourage.

#4. This hat.

#3. THIS hat and shirt combo.

#2. “Anne [Frank] was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.”

#1. This

Seems Justin Bieber’s giving his Ferrari a break … ’cause the singer’s leopard-spotted Audi R8 was spotted at various spots in L.A. this weekend — including Miley Cyrus’ home.

According to reports, Bieber’s R8 could be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $150k. (Via)

Instead of gasoline, it runs on a highly toxic mixture of Axe Body Spray and Drakkar Noir.

(Via TMZ)

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