Forget The Controversy, Let’s Get Excited About The Grand Theft Auto V Soundtrack Leak

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GTA V soundtrack listing

The “controversy push” for the already eagerly-anticipated release of Grand Theft Auto V is in full swing, with everyone from IGN to Forbes being chill with the classic “killing innocent strangers” and “being serviced by/murdering prostitutes” staples but getting bent out of shape about it letting you smoke weed. If you’ve ever played one of these games before, any controversy surrounding it — especially anything involving “hot coffee” — should make you roll your eyes. At the same time, if you’ve ever played one of these games you’ll be excited and click happy when you learn that the official soundtrack listing has leaked, and that it features Kendrick Lamar, Britney Spears, Tupac, Johnny Cash … hell, even Eddie Murphy’s ‘Party All The Time’ made the cut.

This is going to be awesome.

IGN refers to this list as “developing” and they’ve reached out to Rockstar to confirm, but it’s looking pretty official, so we’re gonna have fun and go with it. Here’s the track listing divided by radio station, including a big “everything else” list that is either fiction, or is yet to be sorted into the proper station. Or maybe your character carries around a zippered case full of mix CDs.

Warning: Every YouTube clip of these songs has at least 10 guys in it typing “gta” or “GTA V” or “confirmed for gta,” trying to get upvotes. Do not play along.

Grand Theft Auto V Soundtrack:

West Coast Classics (classic hip hop)

Host: DJ Pooh


* 2pac – Ambitionz Az A Ridah
* N.W.A. – Appetite For Destruction
* N.W.A. – Gangsta Gangsta
* c walk – Kurupt
* DJ Quik – Dollars and Sense
* King T – Played Like A Piano’
* Geto Boys – Mind Playin’ Tricks
* Tha Dogg Pound Ft. Mack 10 – Nothin’ But The Cavi Hit

* Snoop Dogg – Gin N Juice
* Too $hort – So You Want To Be A Gangster
* Snoop Dogg Dr. Dre – Still D.R.E
* Snoop Dogg Dr. Dre – The Next Episode
* Mc Enit – straight up menace
* The Dogg Pound – What Would You Do
* Kausion – What You Wanna Do (Ft. Ice Cube)
* Ice Cube – You Know How We Do It

Soulwax FM

Host: Soulwax

* Mim Suleiman – Mingi
* FKCLUB – The Strange Art (In Flagranti Remix)
* Matias Aguayo – El Sucu Tucu
* Joe Goddard feat. Valentina – Gabriel (Soulwax Remix)
* Daniel Maloso – Body Music
* Green Velvet & Harvard Bass – Lazer Beams

* Zombie Nation – Tryouts
* Goose – Synrise (Soulwax Remix)
* Tiga – Plush (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)
* The Hacker – Shockwave (Gesaffelstein Remix)
* Pulp – After You (Soulwax Remix)

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