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Rihanna Had A Lot Of Fun In A Thailand Strip Club This Weekend

By 09.23.13

(via Getty Image)

Rihanna is currently in Asia as part of her Diamonds World Tour. This weekend, the tour took her to Thailand, where she caused a bit of a scene when a photo she posted on Instagram that depicted her posing with a loris — an endangered primate that’s not supposed to be paraded around a beach for tourists to take pictures of — led to the arrest of two Thai men.

But her trip hasn’t been all stage performances and international incidents involving adorable protected species. No, it has not. It has also included a trip to a Phuket strip club/sex show, which she recapped in vivid detail the following morning on Twitter.





Someone give Rihanna a travel show. Now. We can give her and Bourdain a camera crew, send them around the world, then run the highlights at midnights on HBO.


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