Final Track: 7 Must-Hear Riot Grrrl Songs

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Two weeks ago, we told you about Pussy Riot, and how three members of the Russian punk collective are awaiting trial in Moscow for alleged “hooliganism,” a.k.a. they danced and played an anti-Putin song in a church. Their verdict was announced earlier today, and it’s not good.

Three members of a feminist punk band were found guilty on Friday of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred for staging an anti-Kremlin protest in a church, in a case that supporters say put President Vladimir Putin’s tolerance of dissent on trial. (Via)

The judge sentenced the girls to two years in prison, a lucky break considering that could have received anywhere from 3-7 years in a labor camp. Simply put, sh*t’s f*cked up in Russia. So, rather than our usual roundup of the week’s best songs, we’re dedicating today’s post to the kickass music genre known as riot grrrl, whose ethics and motivations inspired Pussy Riot to give a much-deserved middle finger to Putin.

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“Punk Prayer” by Pussy Riot

This. This is what will put three members of Pussy Riot in jail for up to seven years. A one-minute performance in which they destructed nothing, other than MINDS AND SOULS, according to Russia. Sigh.

“Rebel Girl” by Bikini Kill

“Call the Doctor” by Sleater-Kinney

“What’s Wrong with You?” by Bratmobile

“Don’t Try Suicide” by Team Dresch

“Transistor No Way” by Emily’s Sassy Lime

“I Just Wanna Puke On the Stereo” by the Frumpies

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