Frank Ocean Is Already Working On His Next Album

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If all goes well tonight, “…and the award goes to Frank Ocean” will be a popular sentence. But even if it isn’t, we’re going to be talking about the R&B crooner a lot this year: according to channel ORANGE producer Om’Mas Keith, via Billboard, Ocean recently “came over to the studio and said we’re about to get back to work again.”

After the Odd Future singer and producer Malay built a skeletal version of ORANGE, Keith was asked to help flesh out the ideas. By the time the album came out last July, it was a well-developed piece of art. And this weekend the trio will find out if they get to go home with accolades such as Album the Year, among others. But just because they seem to be a shoe-in for a least a trophy or two doesn’t mean they’re resting on their laurels. Soon they’ll get back to together and get cracking on Ocean’s sophomore album.

“He came over to the studio and said we’re about to get back to work again,” Keith said. “So it’s just that creative talk, where we know we’re about to get back into the studio soon. I’m just not sure when.” (Via)

Om’Mas Keith has also kept busy, with or without Ocean. Not only is he producing Azealia Banks’ much-anticipated debut, but according to Rolling Stone, Keith began working on his solo album in January 2011, but had to put it aside when Ocean reached out to him. But now City Pulse is all set, and you can hear it below.

(Via Billboard) (Via Rolling Stone)

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