French Montana Asks The World Not To Blame Muslims For The Paris Attacks

11.16.15 2 years ago 4 Comments

In the wake of the Paris attacks, and really any tragedy of this magnitude, the potential for incredibly dumb and insensitive hot takes rises. We saw a bit of that over the weekend, and thankfully we also saw some folks like Aaron Rodgers shut down that kind of hateful prejudice.

Along with these tragic moments, people who wouldn’t normally speak out on these issues utilize their voices for good. French Montana‘s voice is usually best served in the club or rattling out the trunk of your loudest speakers, but with the Paris attacks, the insensitivity hit home. Not only is he a Sunni Muslim, but growing up in Morocco, his native languages were both Arabic and French.

He was caught up by TMZ cameras this weekend, and gave his very quick, but poignant thoughts on the attack’s impact on the world:

“Asalaam alaikum. Don’t blame it on Muslims, blame it on crazy people.”

Hopefully, like French asks, people realize that there are 2 billion Muslims on Earth and .006% of that population are a part of ISIS, and also Muslims are often the most targeted by these terror groups. It’s all a very complicated situation, but props to French for deciding to speak his mind.

(via TMZ)

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