Jamie xx On The State Of The xx, His Unlikely Song Of The Summer, And A Decade Of Staying Very Busy

09.25.15 2 years ago

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There are fewer musicians who have kept busier than Jamie xx in the past year. In addition to dropping his critically acclaimed album of the year candidate In Colour, he scored a ballet, he’s touring throughout the remainder of the year, and he’s also in the studio recording a third album with his band The xx.

In between all of this, he spoke with Uproxx while touring in Europe about his approach to recording, performing versus DJing, and how it feels to have the song of the summer.

You were in the studio the other day when we first tried to speak, recording music for The xx? How is that coming along?

It was fun. It’s nice to be able to make music with those guys again. It’s been a while.

How is this stuff different than Coexist or The xx? What makes this new project unique?

I can’t really say yet because we’re not far enough along to have a theme or idea. We’re just really starting to make music again. You never really know until it’s done.

How did the songs on In Colour come about, and how was that different than The xx? Was it gradual like your work with the band, with it sort of coming along organically, or did you set out to make a solo album separate from that stuff?

You know, I didn’t set out to make an album — I was just making music the whole time I had been recording with the band. And so, I had a lot of it by the time we came off tour with the second album, and I decided to turn it into my own album.

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