It’s An R. Kelly ‘Christmas Party’ And Everyone’s Invited

12.07.15 2 years ago 6 Comments
R. Kelly The Buffet


There aren’t too many personalities in the R&B circuit that have careers spanning multiple decades, dozens of awards, and the ability stretch their talents across a handful of genres. Thankfully for all of us, R. Kelly isn’t just any R&B singer, and he proves it again on “Christmas Party,” a precursor to this month’s new album The Buffet.

With a funky groove that’s going to have your drunk uncle trying to Moonwalk through the dinner table on December 25, the Chi-town singer tackles a well-trodden subject matter with enough originality to earn a notch in the perennial fourth quarter playlist. Mentions of sleigh bells, mistletoe, and heated domino matches all tick the boxes for festive soundtracks to the season. Whether you’re celebrating another year of hustling, the last payday before the New Year, or just commemorating the circumstances that bring together all your fam and friends, throw a jam with this tune and make some memories.

Ichi-go, ichi-e.

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