Who Wouldn’t Want A Pair Of Noel Gallagher Adidas Kicks?


Mild UPROXX obsession Noel Gallagher has his own shoe coming out, you guys! As you tell from the pic above, our boy Noel is characteristically overjoyed by the honor bestowed upon him by Adidas.

In honor of (Gallagher’s) new solo album’s release, the Englishman and adidas Originals have teamed up for re-issue the truly classic Training 72 in special form. Wearing a white leather upper and liner and showing blue stripes, this sneaker is clean, uncluttered and limited to 200 pairs. The icing on the cake has to be the gold foil tongue branding though, which places Gallagher’s mug in the same spot legends of sport have appeared for decades. Limited to UK retailers, this shoe lands on October 17th.

Meanwhile’s Noel’s new musical foray, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, is receiving a lukewarm reception at best. Just about every review of the album I’ve read pisses all over it, just as this one from Clash Music does

In messy divorces, the ensuing battle over custody and alimony can be spiteful and bitter, and is usually at the expense of those caught in the middle. Paul McCartney, for example, forked out £25million to get that Heather Mills out of his life. Noel Gallagher, it would seem, lost out to truculent little brother Liam in the post-Oasis feud as to who was entitled to the electric guitars – and guitarists. ‘High Flying Birds’ is a decidedly acoustic affair, but disappointingly, despite Noel’s frequent advocation of Neil Young’s genius, it’s nowhere near as introspective or penetrating as old Shakey. More frustratingly, this isn’t Noel sitting on a bar stool strumming pastoral ‘Talk Tonight’-like musings; it’s him rehashing ‘The Importance Of Being Idle’ (literally the worst Oasis single) over and over.

Regardless, we still love you Noel, and would actually kill for some of your kicks. Do they come in size 14 or 15?

(HT: Flubby)

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