Ghost Is No Longer Calling The Shots On ‘Power’


There’s a scene in the latest episode of Power where Tommy and Ghost are doing what they do best these days, which is to say they’re arguing like a couple still trying to remember why they loved each other to begin with. In the middle of their latest round of bickering, Tommy tells Ghost he did in fact choose his best friend over Holly. See, Milan knows Ghost is plotting something–because he’s Ghost–and made it as clear as crystal that if he doesn’t stop, there will be a lot of slow singing and flower bringing for Tommy. Rather than tell his kinda sorta best friend to chill for some logical reason, he goes right for the emotion. He wants and needs Ghost to pick him and truly be selfless. He needs him to not think about his exit strategy for once and just do something to protect the people who’ve always protected him. Ghost agrees but if you’ve seen this show before, you know where this is going.

There’s a dynamic running through this episode about choices we conceive and the consequences they give birth to. Tommy wants Ghost to choose him, Kanan tells Dre he’s got no other choices to make, and Tasha makes a choice that completely undercuts something her estranged husband put in motion. The most interesting aspect in all of this is how it leaves our protagonist with very little agency for once. In a show that’s defined by how he affects everyone around him, we’re now getting the reverse. Perhaps the biggest example of this is the most subtle one on the show.


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