By: 02.07.07

Lost in all the excitement of the fake breasts and free booze in Miami, I neglected this terrific story from the NBA: Gilbert Arenas bet Wizards teammate DeShawn Stevenson $20,000 that he could make more three-pointers (out of 100) one-handed from the college stripe than Stevenson could make two-handed from the NBA stripe.

Gil made a staggering 70 73 out of 100 while Stevenson made distracting moves on a hoop in the background. Then Stevenson opened up on fire, which led Arenas to pull just about every jackass distraction in the book. (Read D.C. Sports Bog's excellent recap for the full story.)

Oh, and as the FanHaus noted, Arenas will make over $11 million this season, while Stevenson will earn $932,000.

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