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Alex Rodriguez and Madonna have long been rumored to have some kind of special relationship, and A-Rod got divorced, and now Madonna is getting divorced, and A-Rod has a disturbing taste for muscular women, but somehow I still refuse to believe that a man as rich as A-Rod would ever have sex with Madonna, even by accident. But according to US Weekly:

[A] source close to the singer tells she and the New York Yankees slugger “are definitely romantic.” […]

An A-Rod source tells Us, “A-Rod and Madonna are more involved than ever.”

I don’t want to judge, but there are maybe two chicks in the world over 50 that I want to have sex with.  I can’t name them because I’ve never seen a woman over 50 I want to have sex with, but I’m sure there’s some hot old miracle of nature out there somewhere, riding a unicorn in the bubble around Atlantis.


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