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Guy Dies On Field, Gets Yellow Card

By 05.05.10

Bizarre story out of Croatia today, and really, that’s the only thing we’d ever cover out of there. The staff in our With Leather Croatian Bureau are a bunch of lazy-asses.

The 32-year-old defender collapsed on the pitch in the 35th minute of the County League game against Hratski Sokola. The referee officiating the game, thinking that Tunjic took a dive, ran towards the fallen player and gave him the yellow card. Turns out, he wasn’t faking it. Tunjic had a heart attack. –Guanabee (from EuroSport)

That’s not really funny so much as bizarre, but it speaks to how much the referee can actually see in a game, being one person. If this had happened in America, mothers everywhere would be calling for referees to get basic medical training. That makes perfect sense to people that work in the kitchen all day. So…has the World Cup started yet?


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