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Illegal Use Of The Meat

By / 12.12.10

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    Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carroll was tripped by a member of the Jets sideline personnel–reportedly strength coach Sal Alosi–as he was running to cover a punt during the Dolphins-Jets game yesterday. Not only did the Jets lose the game, they’ll surely lose a lot of respect around the league.

    I was on Dan Levy’s podcast on Friday, plus we did one that made it to KSK last week. This encapsulates nearly all of my spoken speech for the week. Lucky you…
    Press Coverage, Kissing Suzy Kolber [both audio]

    Denver’s Carmelo Anthony wants to be a New York Knick. No, he really wants to be a Knick.
    Fan IQ.

    So dude in Cypress Hill is suing the makers of “GTA:San Andreas” for using his likeness. Here is something you can’t understand…Fresh…respected.
    THE Smoking Section.

    How the US Senate’s anti-poker bill could affect the action in Vegas. Shuffle up and remain silent…

    John Lennon on film: still a pretentious communist hipster douchebag. Oh, and a decent musician, I guess.

    Willow Smith hates being famous. Most of us hate Willow Smith. Do the math, Willow. Oh wait, you’re a child star. You probably suck at math.
    The Urban Daily.

    Who will play Julian Assange when the movie is made? My money’s on that vest-wearing gent from “The Mentalist.” It’s not news…

    Could you predict this year’s Oscar winners based solely on the movie posters?

    What could the Heat have looked like without Lebron James? Less headband-y, for one…
    The Hoop Doctors.

    Here are 10 Not-So-Dynamic Music Duos. Only ten?

    OMG you guys, it’s a post about Star Wars! Yeah, but they took scenes from the movies and re-worked them as dramas. As if the franchise wasn’t sh;t on enough already with the prequels…
    Unreality Mag.


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