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We Ranked Every Super Bowl XLV Commercial

By 02.07.11

TV Shows, NFL — B

The NFL says thanks to its fans…right before pulling the plug on the 2011 season. But hey…Fonzie.

Parking Lot Monkeys, CareerBuilder — B

Mandatory one-grade bump for making chimps do human things.

What If We Settled, Hyundai Sonata Hybrid — B

Clever concept with the old brick cell phone and the typewriters in the coffee shop.

Dogsitting, Bud Light — B-

A solid entry into the “Animals dressed as people” category.

Beaver, Bridgestone — B-

Dam, son. Had to see it a second time to realize what had happened. I blame the beer for that.

Hack Jobs, Bud Light — B-

The very first commercial of the game, and it was solid. “But all you did was add Bud Light.” And we’re under budget!

Talking Cars, — B-

It’s funny because the car with the female voice won’t have sex with the car with the male voice.

Joan Rivers, — B-

This commercial is the perfect analogy for how inexplicably hot Joan Rivers has been over the last 18 months. After winning “Celebrity Apprentice,” she got back on E! with “Fashion Police” and starred in a biopic documentary that some say was snubbed by the Oscars. And now she’s a partially CG’d pin-up for GoDaddyIssues. What did I do last year? Uh, I went to Vegas?

Detourism, — B-

Clever concept that could have been branded a bit better.

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