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The Best and Worst of WWE Raw 4/25

By 04.26.11

Best: Main Event Trios Action

I like watching wrestling. This wasn’t exceptional, but it was a little of the wrestling that happened, and I enjoyed it. I like a lot of the people in the match, and am holding on to this weird belief that they’re going to give Christian the strap at Extreme Rules and let him defend against guys all the time like he did in ECW. This is the only small paragraph I can think to write about the wrestling.

Worst: John Cena is All Smiles About Mark Henry Turning On, Hurting Him

He mentioned it for about half a second in his draft reaction video, but yeah, John Cena got clotheslined by his tag team partner Mark Henry, leading directly to him losing a match against his rival The Miz. Miz pinned him clean in the middle of the ring because of Henry. So the match ends, Cena gets drafted to Raw, beats up everybody in the arena EXCEPT Mark Henry, and is extremely jolly and excited about it.

The only things I can think are maybe

1. John Cena is scared of Mark Henry, as he had a wigger gimmick for a while but has never really interacted with black wrestlers other than when he and his gangster friends spray painted doo-doo words on white peoples’ cars.

2. Cena hated the idea of going to Smackdown, and was so thrilled by the draft result sending him back to Raw that he considered Henry’s betrayal a favor? Does that make sense?

3. John Cena is not great at selling on offense (this is a given) and was smiling because that’s how he sells injuries.

4. other

Worst: If You Guys Let CM Punk Go, I Swear To God

A reported statement from a “WWE Official” from PWInsider.com regarding the possibility that CM Punk might not resign with the company.

When you look at how the company brands it’s characters, Punk is never among the top 5-8 names that are promoted or pushed. It’s Cena, Orton, Miz, Undertaker, Rey, now Alberto, etc. these days and Punk is sort of floating right under there. He didn’t fit into the youth drive a few months back but he’s not treated like a top veteran either. He’s just there, doing his job and while everyone knows he delivers, he’s never really treated like someone who does. He’s never dropped the ball but we don’t give it to him really, either. He’s treated like a guy, but not THE guy. For a driven guy like him who’s made wrestling his entire world, it’s got to drive him crazy. Now, the excuse will be don’t push Punk because he might be leaving, but the reality is the environment and situation is what is probably making him want to leave to begin with. Either it gets fixed or it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, just like it did when Batista walked out.

i swear to god

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