The Best and Worst of WWE Raw 5/30 is Experiencing Technical Difficulties

By: 05.31.11  •  29 Comments

Worst: Wither Maryse

Raw featured a lot of “Kharma’s going to talk later” previews, and every one of them showed Kharma implant bustering Maryse. Then, when they showed Kharma’s emotional breakdown in the ring from last week, they got a reaction shot from Maryse. So the Raw featuring the most footage of Maryse ever was Maryse-free. To compensate, here is a giant picture of Maryse that has nothing to do with the next few bullet points.

Worst: That’s What They Are

The Bella Twins as unnecessary rabble rousing bullies (appearing on a TV show featuring commercials where the Bella Twins chastise bullies) did not need to happen during Kharma’s pregnancy announcement. I get the “it’s okay because they’re heels” thing, and I’m not offended by it, I just don’t think it was necessary. When Kong comes back in a year and Small Natural Tit-busters them, will it mean more because they insulted her 12 months ago? Or would it be exactly the same kind of good because she’s hurting the Bella Twins?

But No, a Little Bit of Best: Yo Mama

Bella Bella asking Kharma if her baby has ears yet to make sure it would hear her Snap was pretty great, I have to admit. Oddly enough, I’m also a fan of the Bellas’ porno line-delivery. “But hey, congrats on finding a guy to hook up with that.” I expected Justin Roberts to open up a pie-shop box and reveal his junk as a pizza ingredient.

Worst: Jerry Lawler is a Hypocrite Who Deserved to Have His Dead Mother Mocked

Watching Lawler turn into the chucklemonster with his new best friend Michael Cole over his recurring Barack Obama fever dream was bad enough, but listening to Lawler condemn the Bella Twins for making fun of Kharma after spending ten minutes rambling on about how fat and ugly Vickie Guerrero is was unbearable.

WWE is that kid who fails a test and swears he tried his hardest because that’s what you’re supposed to say to get away with it. Lawler and WWE (and John Cena, with little-to-no provocation) will tell you that they make fun of Vickie because she’s mean and deserves it. This is the same logic they used when ECW general manager Tiffany was telling CM Punk that he should “try being a human being” by drinking alcohol. Guess what? The “meanest” thing Vickie has done in the last six months is coloring Dolph Ziggler’s hair. She isn’t cheating, she isn’t abusing power, she isn’t even really saying “excuse me” that much. You’re making fun of her because YOU are a mean human being, and Tiffany told Punk to be a human being because she was a crazy alcoholic dolt.

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