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Brashear’s MMA Debut Shorter Than Actual Hockey Fight

By 06.06.11

About a month ago we told you about how former NHL journeyman Donald Brashear was making the jump from hockey to mixed martial arts and how his combination of brain concussion and irrational anger made him a perfect candidate for MMA. Well, I’m proud to write the follow-up piece where you find out Brashear obliterated his opponent to win his fighting debut in just 21 seconds. The opponent, Mathieu Bergeron, sort of looked like a lost child who’d wandered into the octagon looking for his parents, only to get jumped and punched out to death.

If you’d like to watch the fight (which takes less time to watch than the sneezing panda), I suggest you do it like a king might: from inside the body of a Tourette’s sufferer, listening to DMX’s “Where Da Hood At”.

Afterward, Brashear, who signed a three-fight deal with the promotion, said he would fight again.

After getting Christmas presents, Brashear said he’d like to have more Christmas presents.


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