Burnsy's Bad Advice: Ranking Your Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

By: 08.01.11  •  13 Comments

The Kirstie Alleys

Some of these guys qualify as “Once upon a time” QBs, while the others are just putrid.

23) David Garrard – Who is he throwing to? He can only go so far checking down every play until Maurice Jones-Drew is decapitated.

24) Alex Smith – Until he’s replaced, of course.

25) Donovan McNabb – Did you see him making bad jokes at his introductory press conference with the Minnesota Vikings? Good God, I hate this guy.

26) Tavaris Jackson
– The Seattle Seahawks traded a second round pick for Charlie Whitehurst and then they brought Jackson in. It’s unknown whether or not Seattle thought that Jackson and Sidney Rice had an awesome on-field relationship, but they didn’t. This is a mess.

27) Kyle Orton/Tim Tebow – Who will start? Who cares? Orton had pretty good numbers through most of last season, but John Elway really wants Tebow in there. Late picks at best, unless you’re a Florida Gators fan, in which case you’ll obviously waste a mid-round pick on Tebow because you think it’s cute.

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