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The Attractive Female Celebrity's Guide To Drafting Fantasy Running Backs

By 08.03.11

The Holly Lynchs

Holly Lynch is the super cute girl with glasses from the State Farm commercial, but she has also been in other stuff that I have never seen. As far as I’m concerned, she could be wonderful in everything or she could just be great in that commercial. Just like these guys and last season or college. Essentially, these are solid No. 2 RBs with the potential to be decent No. 1’s.

12) Darren McFadden – He has tremendous talent but he plays for the Oakland Raiders. Give him a team with an actual QB and he’s a monster. Otherwise, draft him in a value spot.

13) Peyton Hillis – He was a touchdown factory last season, but he plays for the Cleveland Browns. Will he repeat what he did last year? If you know, we’re going to Las Vegas this weekend. Otherwise, the earliest I would take Hillis is the late second round. Just remember that regret is a lot better than being stuck with a fluke.

18) BenJarvus Green-Ellis – For the past few seasons, I’ve had the feeling that the New England Patriots would really screw with everyone and suddenly become a running team. While they haven’t done that yet, the Law Firm still looks like he has the potential. At the very least, he’s sure to put up solid late season numbers.

19) Felix Jones – By cutting Marion Barber, the Dallas Cowboys showed their faith in Felix Jones. The problem is they also showed their faith in Tashard Choice.

21) Ryan Mathews – I don’t know why Mathews was anointed god-like rookie status last year, but people still acted like he was a supreme bust because he didn’t put up LaDainian Tomlinson numbers. Give the guy time. If he sucks this season, then we can roast him.

22) Shonn Greene – When all is said and done, and this world is a scorched nuclear playground for mutant insects, they will still talk about how Shonn Greene never got a chance to be great.

24) Ryan Torain – It says a lot that despite multiple stupid injuries, Mike Shanahan has stuck with Torain. He showed flashes of brilliance last season and could still be a mid-round steal. But now he has Tim Hightower lurking.

25) Jahvid Best – The Detroit Lions cut Kevin Smith because they don’t like a stand-up runner. That means Best is the man now in a quickly improving offense. Too bad that improvement still isn’t on the line.

29) CJ Spiller – Critics called him a bust last season. I called him a Buffalo Bill. If Fred Jackson’s stem cell reserve finally runs out, Spiller could get a chance to be an every down back.

30) Knowshon Moreno – John Fox really wanted to bring DeAngelo Williams to Denver, but since that failed he’s stuck with Moreno. That’s not a bad thing. Fox is good with his RBs and Denver could have a solid passing game if they stop dicking around and choose a QB.

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