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Battle Without Honor Or Continence

By 12.12.11

The description under the video reads “two babies performing Taekwondo with a mother laughing in the background”, and holy shit, if you thought you knew what “babies performing Taekwondo” looked like before, you’re in for a treat.

The “Mom” starts laughing before they even start, which makes me think she’s neither of the kids’ mother and just showed up as high as possible to watch kids shootfight. I think Blue is the more accomplished fighter, because he’s got a lethal spinning back kick. Red just kinda bobs up and down in place. It’s like watching a Kimbo Slice fight, only longer and more believably violent.

When Blue figures out he can increase his knockout power by standing a little closer, look out, he’ll be unstoppable.

[h/t Ross Abel]


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