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Hey, What’s That On Your Face

By 01.04.12

Sometimes it’s reassuring to watch a 6-foot-11, first-round draft pick power forward with ten years of experience get hit in the face with a basketball because he isn’t paying attention.

The video description from YouTube user Imadoggydogg says it all:

Keep your hands in the ready position Troy! Haha. Good pass Bynum

My favorite part is either the announce team being one second away from laughingly calling him a motherf**ker or Chase Budinger showing the hustle of a tree sloth on defense. Who am I kidding, my favorite part is when he gets hit in the face with a basketball. And I feel like Murphy should’ve kicked Bynum’s ass after the game for thinking a high-speed no-look pass to the head was a great idea when he was two feet away and could’ve just handed him the ball. Who does that?

Compare and contrast this futility with Kobe Bryant, who cuts out the middleman and just passes to himself.

[h/t Ball Don’t Lie]


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